Saturday 13 January 2018

New flash piece published at "Bizarro Central."

Starting the New year with an acceptance from Bizarro Central is a pretty nice way to get it going.  The piece they have taken, "The Creative Game" is also quite unique in that it was written specifically for a theme, something I don't usually do and have never done before.  This was for a reading at Worcester's 42 night and the theme, if I remember correctly, was "The most dangerous game."  Now I did also write another short piece with that title for performance (posted on this blog around Halloween).  That was very dissimilar to what I usually write in that it was pretty much a straightforward ghost story.  "The Creative Game" however, is much more in my usual area, inspired by Burroughs' cut-up literary technique and (I think) Tristin Tzara's Surrealistic games to inspire surrealistic writing but, as with most of my stories, then pushed to the nth degree.  However, as I say, this one was quite unusual in that rather than just writing up my big, long list of ideas, I had to sit down with a theme in mind and think, "Hmmmm, what can I do there?"  Not my favourite way of working but it was nice for a change and, when you're talking about flash fiction, it was hardly massively time consuming, either.

Anyway, it is over at Bizarro Central, now.