Wednesday 25 April 2018

Live reading in Worcester tonight.

I'll be reading at the 42 night this evening in Worcester and performing the flash piece that was recently published by Horror Sleaze Trash, "And from the Heads of Babes."

Don't forget that this month 42 will be at Cafe Bliss in Sansome Street.  See you there!

Sunday 22 April 2018

New flash piece published in "Trembling With Fear"

New flash piece published in Trembling With Fear.  I had to change the names of some of the celebrities (for legal reasons, apparently) which I think has a slightly negative impact on the story.  However, I think it still works.

Pop over to Trembling With Fear for a read.  I'm also hoping this and/or "The Last English Speaker" will be appearing in The Horror Tree anthology when that comes out later in the year.  We shall see.....

Wednesday 18 April 2018

New flash piece published.

Just a quick update.  I've just had a flash piece accepted by Horror Sleaze Trash.  Don't even ask me where this one came from, it just sort of bubbled up fully formed (or fully malformed?).  It was probably just me thinking about a load of experiments that I thought would be interesting to do but which "the liberal pinkos" would probably think were "unethical" or something..... ;)  Anyway, no real point to this story as such - just a disturbing, and hopefully funny, scene in time with one of my favourite recurring characters, Dr Kokoschka, a man whose circumstances are now so reduced that he is performing his quackery and insane research in a former industrial unit in Tipton.

Go visit Horror Sleaze Trash - I really like the aesthetics of their site.  Fits the name well.....