Sunday 18 September 2016

Six PKD short story radio adaptations

While Philip.K. Dick fans are waiting for Electric Dreams: The World of Philip.K. Dick to debut on Channel 4, they might find their cravings sated, at least slightly, by a number of audio adaptations of Dick's work.  Open Culture have collected together six readings and radio adaptations of some of Dick's shorter fiction“Impostor,” “The Preserving Machine,”  “Colony,” “Sales Pitch,” “The Defenders” and “The Builder.”

These are mainly from Dick's super-prolific (2 or 3 stories a week) "SF pulp" period of the late 50s.  But even in these pulpy stories, the sheer range and power of his ideas are often visible and I don't know about you, but even if some of these tales do often suffer from the amount of time devoted to their writing, they still have that warm, nostalgic feel of classic "zap gun/marauding robots" 50s science fiction so are well worth listening to.

As always though, even in these tales, PKD is uncannily prescient.  Here in "Sales Pitch" he basically predicts pop-ups, spam and personalised advertising, even down to the never-ending pimping of weight loss products and fat burners.


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