Monday 10 August 2020

New drabble accepted by "Trembling With Fear."

Just had a drabble - "A Cerebral Vacation" - accepted by Trembling With Fear, which should be appearing in their "Holiday Special" later in August.  This was a new one for me as I don't usually write stories of that length (100 words or so).  In fact, I am generally quite dismissive of the drabble as a storytelling format; while you can tell a complete, interesting or moving tale in the more accepted flash length of 1000 words or so, I rarely read drabbles that have much of an impact on me.  They tend to either be poems adapted to prose - all imagery and purple wordplay - or "shrug your shoulders" mood pieces which leave you wondering what the point of them was or, worst of all, "Gotcha!-style" vignettes along the lines of, "Here's 90 words and here's the last ten.... I was the vampire all along!"

That said, I had an idea that was no more than a flash piece and I wasn't even sure if it was that so I wrote it to its natural length.... which turned out to be a drabble.  I may redraft it as a flash piece at some point but even though I like the idea I have so many things to work on it will probably stay as is.

I will post the link to Trembling With Fear when it is published.

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