Tuesday 26 October 2021

Reading at "42" - 26th October 2021


Just attended 42, Worcester's genre fiction spoken word event.  The Halloween Special is always one of my favourite 42s, but even though some people were dressed up as witches and so on, it didn't quite have the same feel as when it is in person and there are suitably spooky decorations spotted about.  Some great stories and poems tonight, some spooky and spectral in the traditional Halloween sense and some more intimate and toying with more personal horrors.  I was completely off-theme of course, as I wanted to run "Porno Park" past an audience, as it is the only story in my upcoming collection that hasn't been published elsewhere.

It went down really well, both in online comments and afterwards (luckily I was the last performer before the break so there was plenty of time for feedback).

Performing online is certainly handy as I am more likely to go after a long day at work.  And a record of the reactions and feedback is also nice to have.  That said, I do miss standing on stage and hearing a live audience reaction as you read.  Hopefully we will get back to those sorts of evenings soon.

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