Tuesday 14 December 2021

New Story published at "Going Postal"


The publication of "Like The Bird in the Tree" over at Going Postal is a bit of a mixed bag, coming as it does on the very day that Vaccine (soon to become "Freedom") Passports were voted in.  Originally intended as a satire of the Smoking Ban, it has sat on my computer for years (along with many of the other State of the Nation stories), waiting to be edited.  Sadly, my editing process is notoriously slow anyway as I like to pretty much forget the story before returning to it with fresh eyes.  I then do this several times, each "sweep" hopefully improving and polishing the story as I go.  Sadly this process is so time-consuming it seems that the world has caught up with me.  Indeed, when reality surpasses a dystopia you imagined only a handful of years ago, you know the world has gone truly insane.  

That said, on re-reading the story it became apparent how prophetic it was, from the use of lying media to conduct psy-ops on the public, to the malign influence of MSM and Big Tech, to the gullibility of the majority who accept what they are told without question, their morality becoming victim to their new programming from above.  Indeed, much of State of the Nation, originally intended as satire on the various aspects of British life is now quaintly out of date and now only really of value as a memento mori of the last 15 years or so, as we saw what was coming but did nothing to stop it.  It is depressing that as we march relentlessly toward the fetid swamps of globalist social credit scores and the like, a collection of "dark, satirical dystopian stories" is now just a reminder of a better, freer time.  Worse, they are something that we can look towards with envy.

Enough, now.  Please read, "Like the Bird in the Tree" at Going Postal.

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