Friday 5 October 2018

New story published at "Bizarro Central."

Very pleased to announce that I've had a new flash piece published at Bizarro Central.

This is yet another very old idea - probably 25+ years old.  Yet for the longest time it remained just that - an idea.  I couldn't work out how to turn it into an actual story until I became more familiar with, and more proficient in, the flash fiction form.

The origin of the story is probably fairly obvious - I had a friend of a friend who was a nice enough guy but who seemed to be a friend to all.  After watching him for a while, I noticed he seemed subtly different with different groups of people - a bit more "laddy" with the beer drinkers and a bit more chilled when with the weed smokers.  Obviously, this was pretty subtle (and not like the wholly different wardrobes and haircuts of the story!) and we are all guilty of it to a certain extent. but when I saw him getting on with groups that should have been diametrically opposed (like an SJW getting pally with everyone at a Trump rally), I started to wonder what he was really like?  What was he like when no-one else was around? 

Hence this story of someone who doesn't really have a personality, or even an existence, of their own.

Hope you enjoy it!  And for anyone who is local, I will be reading this story at the next Worcester Speakeasy  at Wayland's Yard, Worcester, UK on the evening of October 11th.

"The Friend We Made" can be read at Bizarro Central - here.

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