Thursday 23 November 2017

New flash published at "The Wild Word."

"Nanny Knows Best" has just been published in Issue 22 of The Wild Word magazine, their 'Future' issue.  "Nanny Knows Best" is the first story to appear in my upcoming second collection, State of the Nation, and it was originally conceived as a framing story for it.  (I did a similar thing with the Ugly Stories for Beautiful People, when I used "BobandJane" as a top-and-tail to the entire collection.  I've always liked that device, going way back to when I first read various Bradbury anthologies such as The Illustrated Man, so I was keen to duplicate that, if I could, and I've been lucky enough to manage that twice now).

So anyway, please visit The Wild Word and I hope you enjoy "Nanny Knows Best."

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